Body Love, is about a  company in Indiana helping people with their skin issues. Like me, as you get older, the skin gets dryer and more needy. It becomes a problem that needs a solvent. 


Well, it started out with a coat hanger and that's where I got my ideas on how to make it. There were dry skin spots in the middle of my back I couldn't get to.  And at the time I was going through shoulder issues and I couldn't move around to get to the dry skin areas. Which even pushed me harder to find a way to solve the problem. 

I have been working on this product for years to find a way to reach the middle back area and other areas of the body without hurting yourself to get there.  Most of all, the handle needed to have a curve, that curves to the body to get to those hard to get places. Other unique features of this handle is that it exfoliates and removes dead skin and creams the body from the same device. 

I believe this handle will definitely help those people who have  problems reaching tough areas. I no longer have these issues. The handle makes it easy and quick to exfoliate and cream the body after your shower. 



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